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GenevaPrivateOffice SA

GenevaPrivateOffice SA is a little "boutique" based in Geneva and advises high net-worth customers, entrepreneurs and companies with complex private ownership structures on how to best structure their assets on global point of view (including tax and legal aspects).

Whether you are interested in maintaining the value of your assets, ensuring the continued existence of your firm, or the optimal composition of a real estate portfolio, GenevaPrivateOffice SA can offer comprehensive advice and assistance in all aspects of estate planning including legal and tax questions.

Working together with our own in-house and outside experts engineer individual solutions for individual problems.

Of course, we guarantee you confidentiality, independence and complete advice.

Our goal is to give you a "global view" (fields of asset structuring, law and taxes, investments, real estate, securities, insurance as well as accounting and reporting) and, by way of discussion, to find "the best solution".

GenevaPrivateOffice SA will be your professional advisers.

Please, do not hesitate to contact us!

Claude R. G. Charmillot
Swiss certified tax consultant