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GenevaPrivateOffice SA

GenevaPrivateOffice SA is a little "boutique" based in Geneva and advises high net-worth customers, entrepreneurs and companies with complex private ownership structures on how to best structure their assets on global point of view (including tax and legal aspects).

Whether you are interested in maintaining the value of your assets, ensuring the continued existence of your firm, or the optimal composition of a real estate portfolio, GenevaPrivateOffice SA can offer comprehensive advice and assistance in all aspects of estate planning including legal and tax questions.

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Welcome in Geneva and in Switzerland !

We provide service to firms setting up a business or expanding existing activities to Switzerland : Investment and tax planning, Drawing up the business, Investment and financing plans, Advising on the appropriate regulations, etc.

We also help investors with the "practical issues" as : Acquiring premises, Familiarisation with local practices and rules, Investment in assets. Learn more

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